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Private Care Assistance
Post Surgical Private Care Assistance

Krave Contour's Private Care Recovery Assistance is here for you after your surgery!  

We are committed to helping you have a restful, comfortable and stress-free recovery.

The Krave Post Op Team of Licensed Nurse Practitioners, Medical Assistants, Service Technicians and Massage Therapists will assist you with all your post-operative plastic surgery needs after you have been released from your surgeon’s care or post-op recovery care center.

We pay particular attention to following your surgeon’s prescribed instructions.

With a complete 24-hour or hourly concierge service in the privacy and comfort of your home, hotel or extended stay, we ensure you have all the  support, nurturing and care to fit your individual  needs necessary for a seamless, successful recovery!

Our Recovery and Post Op Care Services are provided in: Atlanta, GA., Austin, TX. Chicago, IL., Dallas, TX., Houston, TX., Las Vegas, NV., Miami, FL. and Pittsburgh, PA.


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30 min, $75

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